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Miami Grand Prix 2023

One of the most exciting and thrilling events for racer fans everywhere is the annual Miami Grand Prix. The 2023 edition is expected to draw even more attention, with the best racers from around the globe competing for glory. Make sure your transportation is taken care of in advance if you plan on attending this event.

At Fort Lauderdale Limo Service, we provide an array of transportation choices tailored to meet your specific needs. Our fleets includes luxury cars, limos, vans, and buses that cater to groups of any size. With our top-notch transportation services, you can enjoy the Miami Grand Prix 2023 in style and comfort.

The Venue:

The Miami Grand Prix 2023 will take place at the world-famous Hard Rock Stadium. The stadium has a seating capacity of 65,000, and it’s known for hosting a variety of major sporting events. The Hard Rock Stadium is located in Miami Gardens, a city situated in the northern part of Miami-Dade County, Florida. 

It is approximately 28 miles away from Fort Lauderdale, a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, restaurants, and shopping.

Hard Rock Stadium

Race Schedule:



Time EST

05 May

Practice 1


05 May

Practice 2


06 May

Practice 3


06 May



07 May




Services That We Offer:

In order to fulfill all of your transportation requirements, Fort Lauderdale Car Service offers a comprehensive selection of services. Our drivers are experienced, respectful, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We guarantee your timely arrival at the race venue without any discomfort or inconvenience.

Fort Lauderdale Car Service

We offer top-quality car service that will transport you to the Miami Grand Prix 2023 in style and comfort. Our luxury cars are perfect for individuals or couples who want to enjoy the race in style. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7 Series, and the Cadillac XTS are just a few of the newest iterations of luxury vehicles that we offer. You can be assured of a comfortable ride with our experienced and courteous drivers.

Fort Lauderdale Limo Service

Our limo service is ideal for groups of up to six passengers who want to experience luxury travel to the Miami Grand Prix 2023. Our limousines have everything you could possibly want for a relaxing and enjoyable ride. Our drivers are skilled and experienced so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fort Lauderdale Van Service

Our van service is ideal if you're taking a large group on the road. Our fleet includes vans of various sizes, so we can transport groups of any composition. All of the conveniences necessary to make your trip in one of our vans pleasant are included. Our professional drivers will get you to the starting line of the race on time and without a hitch.

Fort Lauderdale Bus Service

For larger groups, we offer a bus service that can accommodate up to 55 passengers. Every one of our buses has been fitted with the latest in travel conveniences to ensure that your time spent on the road is relaxing and stress-free. When you hire our professional drivers, you can rest assured that you will get to the track on time and without incident.

Parking Passes:

Hard Rock Stadium parking

By choosing Fort Lauderdale Car Service for your transportation needs, you can avoid the inconvenience of obtaining parking passes for your next event. If you book your reservation 20 days in advance, we will handle the process of securing the parking passes for you. This will allow you to fully enjoy your event without worrying about the challenging task of finding an open parking spot or paying for parking.

Why choose Fort Lauderdale Car Service?

There are many reasons to choose Fort Lauderdale Car Service for your transportation needs. Here are just a few:

Wide range of transportation services

Whether you're in need of luxury sedans, limousines, vans, or buses, we have a wide variety of vehicles available to meet your requirements.

Excellent customer service

We take pride in offering excellent customer service, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and that you arrive at the race venue on time.

Experienced and respectful drivers

Our drivers are experienced and respectful, ensuring that you have a comfortable and safe transportation experience.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our transportation services, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

Take Away:

Attending the Miami Grand Prix 2023 is an exciting opportunity for race car enthusiasts. However, transport arrangements can be a daunting task. By using the services provided by Fort Lauderdale, you can eliminate this hassle and enjoy a luxurious and comfortable ride to the event. 

Whether you need a limousine, car, van, or bus service, Airport Limo Fort Lauderdale has got you covered. Book your transport today and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Miami Grand Prix 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To avoid cancellation fees, we advise customers to cancel their reservation at least 3 hours before their scheduled pickup time.

We do our best to accommodate last-minute changes, but we can only do so up to 3 hours before the scheduled pickup time.

Upon arrival, customers should retrieve their luggage and call us with their confirmation number. We will then direct them to the designated pickup area outside the terminal.

While we do provide unscheduled airport pickups, it is recommended to book at least 12 hours in advance to ensure availability. Customers can contact us upon arrival to check for availability.

Depending on the vehicle chosen, our Fort Lauderdale car service can accommodate up to 4 passengers with standard luggage, our limo service can accommodate up to 10 passengers with standard luggage, our van service can accommodate up to 14 passengers with luggage, and our bus service can accommodate up to 56 passengers with luggage.

While it is recommended to book at least 12 hours in advance to ensure availability, we may be able to accommodate same-day reservations if contacted by phone or text.

We make an effort to contact all customers when their driver arrives, but due to high call volume, we cannot guarantee this.

For safety reasons, drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended. However, they will be happy to help customers bring their luggage from the front of the building to the car.

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